The Insight That Led Me to Create Formal, Written Life Games

One of the most empowering experiences that I’ve had in the 20 years since I began my work as a life coach and block-clearing specialist was in 2013, when I had the insight that Life Is Structured as a Multiplicity of Games.

I’m not speaking metaphorically. I saw that life is literally structured as a multiplicity of games. And I suddenly realized that I could decide — to a much greater extent than I had previously thought — what life games I was going to play and how I was going to play them.

I felt so empowered by this realization that I immediately began to experiment with creating formal, written life games. This eventually led me into the practice of creating Life Game Playing Cards™ for the key areas of my life — key areas such as my close relationships, my home, my physical body, and my business.

I soon discovered that each area of my life that wasn’t flowing well, wasn’t flowing well due to a lack of clarity. Either I wasn’t clear about what I wanted to create in that area of my life, or I hadn’t clarified what I needed to do (or stop doing) to create what I wanted.

The first set of Life Game Playing Cards that I created helped me heal a strained relationship, make my home a beautiful sanctuary, and transform a tender new friendship into a committed relationship.

I’ve also used Life Game Playing Cards to improve how I care for my physical body, to run my business, and to increase my wealth.

Having Life Game Playing Cards for the key areas of my life has enabled me to do less and accomplish more, to reduce stress, and to open more space in my life for play and creative development.

For decades, I felt like an artist without an art form, and I yearned to live a more artistic lifestyle. So when the space opened up, I decided to create an Artist Game to help me focus on developing myself as a mixed-media artist.

Here’s the Life Game Playing Card that I created for my Artist Game:

I Emerge as a Mixed-Media Artist By:

  • Daring to call myself a mixed-media artist
  • Claiming space in my home for my art studio
  • Keeping my art supplies well-stocked, well-organized, and within reach
  • Scheduling — and showing up for — at least two blocks of art time every week
  • Experimenting with art journaling
  • Learning how to draw, paint, and create beautiful lettering
  • Mastering layering, texturing, edging, and color-combining techniques
  • Playing with writing poems and aphorisms
  • Taking myself on at least two artist dates every month
  • Discovering and honoring my creative process
  • Embracing my Play & See motto
  • Cultivating a close circle of artist friends

You’ll notice that the collage on the left helps me tap into the feeling of being a mixed-media artist. While the words on the right help me carry out the actions I’m choosing to take in order to become one.

I bet you can think of at least one area of your life that’s not flowing well. It could be that your health isn’t great. Maybe you feel frustrated at work. Or perhaps you wish you felt more connected to your partner.

I invite you to start thinking of this area of your life as a Life Game. Then generate a few fun and empowering ways to improve how you’ll show up and play.

Let me know how this goes for you in the comments section below. And if you’d like to learn how to create Life Game Playing Cards the way I create them, sign up for the Brilliance Game Newsletter, and I’ll notify you when the Gamify Your Life Playshop is ready.

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