What Players Say

Play Is the Way to Achieving Big Dreams

I’m not one for wasting time. I live a busy life where I work full time, mother five children, volunteer, and sometimes do the laundry. “Play” didn’t sound complementary to my life…until the Brilliance Game became a catalyst for my breakthrough: performing a one-woman play called “Not So Supernova.” Tess ignited within me a heightened sense of power and ability, and helped me find the divinity within myself so I could achieve something I had yearned to do for some time.
Shannon Christenson Milliman
Author, Trainer, Speaker

Inspiring and Highly Motivating

I’m creating a game to change my relationship with money. Before the Playshop, I woke up every morning feeling like I didn’t have enough money. It made me feel small and play small. Last week for the first time, I spoke with a client and felt like I was worth my fee. I was able to speak with confidence. I’m playing my game at a very high level – it’s so exciting and so enlivening!
Susan Bender-Phelps
Author, Trainer, Speaker

I’m Finally on Track, Creating my Life’s Work

I’ve read every book on self improvement, and tried multiple programs. None gave me more than temporary results. Then I learned of the Brilliance Game, and asked if I could try it. Whoosh! I was suddenly facing my previously hidden flaws, and coming up with countermeasures. I was taking on enormous challenges, breaking them into pieces and gamifying the work. I’ve made more progress, faster and easier, than I imagined possible. Now I am on track to create my life’s work, while maintaining a wonderful marriage to the love of my life. None of this would have been possible without the Brilliance Game.
Thomas Cox
Author, Trainer, Speaker

Using These Tools I Can Live My Best Life

Showing up to the Brilliance Game’s [Gamify Your Life] was the first step. I took stock of everything in my life that took time and energy, and took a closer look at the commitments I’d made. I asked “How am I showing up? How do I want to show up?” I have clarity now. I can make a map that’s dynamic and intentional to help me move forward in my life. It’s amazing.
Ariane Hopman
Business Owner

A Journaling Practice That’s Easy and Insightful

Tess gave me the directions to have a conversation with my Spirit and suddenly, I had a companion in my head that I could hear. I was able to see from a different vantage point what I could learn about the issue. Before, I would go and buy a beautiful journal and write one page and never do it again. Now, it is easy to slip into this new behavior instead of trying to force myself.
Kitty Wallis

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