Level 2: Cultivate Your Brilliant Self

Level 2

Cultivate Your Brilliant Self

With the greater freedom and flow that you created in Level 1, you are now ready to Cultivate Your Brilliant Self.

In this Level, you’ll uncover your fascinations and true talents — the ones that you were put on Earth to develop and share. You’ll courageously face your flaws (we all have them) and learn to prevent them from slowing or stopping you. You’ll also articulate your personal credo and mission, which will make it far easier for you to attract resonant playmates and coworkers, and to live a life of integrity and meaning.

Once completed, Level 2 will give you the refined aspects of yourself and the clarity that you’ll need to successfully navigate the creative crucible of Level 3.

Level 2 Playshops

Capture Your Fascinations

Included in Gold Membership

Would you like to spend more time pursuing the interests that light you up? In this Playshop, you’ll explore your fascinations and gain insight into how they contribute to your whole, unique self. This self-knowledge will motivate you to dedicate more time to your fascinations, and help you see how you can bring them to light through your Brilliant Gift.

Transform Your Flaws

Included in Gold Membership

Like most diamonds, you have flaws and at least one core flaw that could turn tragic and prevent you from living out your creative potential if you don’t address it. In this Playshop, you’ll uncover your flaws and establish Loving Agreements with Spirit (LAWS) so you can accept and embrace your flaws and develop new behaviors to offset them.

Claim Your Talents

Included in Gold Membership

Your wealth is in your talents, and the unique contributions that you came to Earth to make require you to develop yours. In this Playshop, you’ll uncover and claim your top talents, and create a game plan for how you’ll further develop at least one of them. You’ll also look at how you can make more money by transforming your natural talents into employable ones.

Compose Your Credo

Included in Gold Membership

Having a personal credo grounds you, focuses you, and enables you to live your life with integrity. In this Playshop, you’ll elucidate the 16 points of your personal credo so you may easily stand for what you believe in and say no to things that don’t truly matter to you. Your personal credo will also help you align to the right jobs, partnerships, and causes.

Embrace Your Mission

Included in Gold Membership

You exist for a reason. Your personal mission expresses that reason, and empowers you to live your life with greater purpose and meaning. In this Playshop, you’ll clarify your reason for being and distill it into a succinct, heartfelt mission statement that will help guide your daily actions and provide a focus for your Brilliant Gift.

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