Level 1: Manifest Your Brilliant Life

Level 1

Create Your Brilliant Life

With the playful, daring mindset that you’ve been cultivating in the Dare to Be Brilliant! program, you are now ready to Create Your Brilliant Life.

In this Level, you’ll learn techniques that focus you far more on what’s in your control and not on externals, thus dramatically boosting your effectiveness. You’ll declutter your life and free up space and time for play and rejuvenation. And you’ll create simple support structures that will greatly assist your development of healthy habits and practices.

Once completed, Level 1 will give you the dependable tools, ease, and fun that will power you through the self-development of Level 2.

Gamify Your Life

Included in Gold Membership

Life is structured as a multiplicity of games and you get to decide which Life Games to play and how you’re going to play them. You can even invent new games! In this Playshop, you’ll try on this empowering mindset, learn how to create and use Life Game Playing Cards™, and start playing your life at a higher level — while attracting amazing new playmates.

Make Way for Play

Included in Gold Membership

Playing is fun. It keeps us young. It relieves stress, boosts immunity, stimulates creativity, improves our relationships, and more. Yet, if you’re like most people, you don’t spend much time playing. In this Playshop, you’ll change that, by identifying and removing all kinds of clutter from your life and dedicating your new-found time and space to the playful, growthful activities you’ll most enjoy.

Create Simple Structures

Included in Gold Membership

Most people fail to live out their creative potential NOT because they lack great ideas, BUT because they lack the structures they need to manifest those great ideas. In this Playshop, you’ll identify and create the few, simple habits, routines, and processes that you most need, and practice leaning into these structures for support as you bring your great ideas into reality.

(The complete progression is available immediately via 1:1 coaching at $1,000/month, pending Tess’s availability.)