How I Use Visual Affirmations to Solidify My Blogging Practice

Visual Affirmations for Blogging

In this post, I share how I’m using Visual Affirmations to help solidify my blogging practice.

A Visual Affirmation is much like a regular affirmation, but includes visual elements — such as colors, fonts, shapes, and images — that give it greater emotional impact.

Here you see that Visual Affirmations are part of my Blogging Game:

I Solidify My Blogging Practice By:

  • Scheduling — and showing up for — at least two, blog-writing sessions every week
  • Aiming to publish a new blog post every other week — without pressuring myself or being mean to myself if I miss my target
  • Ensuring that I have fresh and potent visual blogging affirmations
  • Recording ideas for blog posts soon after they come to me
  • Finding effective ways to talk out my ideas before I write and as I write
  • Getting the help I need to develop good writing habits and grow into a more fluid writer
  • Focusing on blog-writing during my Writing Buddy sessions with Chris
  • Using my Brilliance Journaling practice to face and address any obstacles that may come up
  • Taking time during my Brilliance Game Coaching sessions to report on my blogging progress

I don’t create Visual Affirmations for all of my Life Games. Just the ones that require me to change my self concept, overcome a powerful fear, transform a limiting belief, or stay focused on the purpose of my game.

My Blogging Game requires me to do all four of these things.

Visual Affirmation to Change My Self Concept

I didn’t see myself as a blogger, and I needed to, so I created this playful Visual Affirmation.

Visual Affirmation to Overcome a Powerful Fear

When I was 16, I played a highly visible role that attracted attention that scared me. This experience, combined with a few more similarly frightening experiences, led me to associate being visible with being unsafe.

To become a successful blogger, I need to overcome my fear of being visible. I created this bold Visual Affirmation to help me cast aside my fear and create positive new experiences.

Visual Affirmation to Transform a Limiting Belief

I want to enjoy writing more, so I created this Visual Affirmation to help me believe and feel that I enjoy writing. The magic and beauty in this Visual Affirmation is that the more I believe and feel that I enjoy writing, the easier it is for me to behave in the ways necessary for me to enjoy writing more.

Visual Affirmation to Keep Me Focused on My Purpose

Finally, I created this Visual Affirmation to keep me focused on the purpose of this blog: to share my heart, while saving most of my teaching and coaching for the Brilliance Game Playshops.

This light-hearted Visual Affirmation is particularly powerful because it doubles as a Visual Reminder.

To make my Visual Affirmations potent, I keep them short, write them in the present tense, and choose design elements that convey the emotions I want to experience. I tweak them until they elicit a resounding YES! Then I display them where I’ll see them often. (One of my favorite spots is above the kitchen sink.)

To keep my Visual Affirmations fresh, I move them into new spots every week or so. I retire them when they’ve outlived their purpose, or I replace them with new ones.

I invite you to create a Visual Affirmation for one of your more challenging Life Games. You can do this by hand or by using a simple graphic design app such as Canva.

I’d love to see your creation, so please share it with me via email. And if you’d like to learn how to create Visual Affirmations the way I create them, sign up for the Brilliance Game Newsletter, and I’ll notify you when the Gamify Your Life Playshop is ready.

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