Brilliant Buddy Resources

Brilliant Buddy Resources

On this page, you’ll find resources to support your success as a Brilliant Buddy.

Brilliant Buddy Agreement

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Buddying Types

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Seeking Buddy Ads

Seeking "Habit Building Buddy" via Daily Text Report

Hello! I’m working on developing the habit of daily exercise (jumping rope and a few other things).

I think I’d benefit from having a buddy to whom I reported my results via a daily text around 6 PM.

In my text report, I’d tell you how many reps of each exercise I did, and my weight if I weighed myself.

You’d reply, “Got it!” or “Yay you!” — or some other supportive response — on the days that I do report; and “Did you exercise today?” on the days that I don’t report.

I, in turn, would be a supportive buddy for whatever habit you are developing.

If this arrangement feels like it might be a good fit for you, text me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.